The West Yorkshire Shotokan Karate Association (WYSKA) was founded in 1993 by Sensei Ken Commons and his senior students Philip Stacey kata coach, Darren Burrows secretary and Zenon Onyszko treasurer.

Although WYSKA was only founded in 1993 all founder members where previously part of Bukonkai Karate International an association of which sensei Commons was also a co – founder and Dewsbury and Batley karate clubs were founded in 1986 by Sensei commons.

Sensei commons has trained and been taught by many well known figures in the martial arts world including Sensei Kanazawa and Sensei Enoeda. However the main influence in karate has been without doubt Sensei Enoeda. This style of Shotokan karate has continued in the traditional way throughout the years. Although associations have changed the style and tradition of shotokan Karate have remained the same. The methods of instruction although traditional have been adapted to accommodate modern philosophy encompassing a safe training environment, the body in action, teaching children, those with special needs and how to administer first aid in emergencies.

Over the years various Senior Instructors of WYSKA have retired and it is with fond regard we say thank you for all the assistance and work put into making these Karate classes a success:

Ken Commons, 5th Dan.
Darren Burrows, 5th Dan
Alan Crowther, 3rd Dan

But as with all things we move on and continue our training in the spirit of Karate-do.

So it was in November 2012, WYSKA approached the British Combat Karate Association with a view to joining this large association. The reason for this was that after a long relationship with another association the senior instructors felt it was time to seek out new challenges with support and access to some of the finest Martial Artists in the country.

The BCKA fitted the bill very well, being run by some of the most respected martial artists in the world and being right on our doorstep in Ossett it seemed a bit of a no brainer choice.

The BCKA have allowed us as a group to train with some of the most modern thinking and influential individuals in the world today and that relationship is continuing forward into the future.