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Finally it's here. That great news that we are now in a position to open up the clubs again and get back on the track of training. Classes will resume on Sunday the 9th August 2020, with the normal schedule.

There are a few changes to what everyone has been used to in the past however.

Firstly a change of venue. Unfortunately Dewsbury Sports Centre is not opening to private clubs in the near future, so Sunday class will be run from Horbury BCA headquarters. (Address below or click here) This is a fantastic facility purpose made for martial arts. The good news is the Batley class is unaffected by this and will be in the usual place.

Secondly due to covid restrictions we are having to limit numbers to a maximum of 8 at Batley and 10 at Horbury. Due to this we are having to suspend the concession payments so everyone regardless of grade, age or family pays the same on a first come first serve basis I'm afraid.

You can only book via the web site booking page and payment must be made at time of booking. There is a small admin charge to cover the costs of the online system but this is necessary to avoid handling cash and keep us covid secure.

Please also make sure you have read the Covid guidelines on this document before attending class Click here to read the document

We all look forward to seeing you all in your gi's.

See you soon.


Will instructors be wearing masks?

Yes Face masks will be worn for training.

Have i to wear a mask?

Yes. This isnt mandated by the government but we're starting at this point and seeing if it works. Better to start off at max protection and find we don't need it than the inverse..

How far a part will we be?

2m if possible, no closer than a metre.

Will there be hand to hand combat?

No. non contact for the time being.

Is it safe for my kids?

It's as safe as going anywhere else, yes.

Do i have to wear my gi?

Yes. Come ready to train. No changing at the venues.

So what kind of training can we do if we are 2mtr apart?

Kihon and kata.

What if i want hand to hand combat to get my belt as thats a grading requirement?

We won't be grading until such a time we can train all the aspects of a grading. If you can't do it in training you can't do it in a grading either and we're not watering gradings down.