Animal Instincts – integrate self-protection education for children into your classes!

 Launching April 25th - Animal Instincts: the new instructor programme which allows you to integrate self-protection education for children into your classes. Developed by Jamie Clubb and Mary Stevens, these two online courses (for ages 4-7 and 7-11) offer you 70 short video lessons covering the essential non-physical skills of awareness, avoidance, prevention and self development.
Many instructors want to include safety and self defence in their programmes but are unsure of how to cover this in an age-appropriate way. These lessons cover everything from shops to cyberspace: teaching how to set boundaries and talk to teachers, how to identify dangerous predators and safe adults - a comprehensive and holistic soft-skills approach you can immediately implement to ensure your students can be safer and more independent.
Register at to be notified when the courses go on sale, and to be eligible for an early bird discount on the launch price.

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