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I’ve just got my new Beaniebasher in the post and I’m now challenged to make it work as well as it has been doing but with another two, different sized balls.

I was abroad recently and couldn’t take my usual skipping rope as it has weighted handles so I bought a new one on holiday which was a lightweight plastic one – and could I skip with it – no chance. So here I am with the new BB and three balls, so to speak, and a whole new learning curve, but I know that getting on top of this great piece of kit gives a real feeling of achievement.

Some years ago when we ran regular BCA Instructor courses we hosted the great British Boxer Jim McDonald, who in his 32-3 career had 28 knockouts. His ‘party piece’ was having a tennis ball on a long, strong piece of elastic cord attached to a head band and to see him work was inspiring and when the Beeney B came along it brought this all back and it’s a great piece of kit.

Even when you get the basics right you can challenge yourself with adding more compact and varied angles. The most fun you can have with your clothes on – or off actually – but no photos, thanks!

Regards PETER C

Beaniebasher – Serious. Fun.

I have used a speedball through most of my martial art/krav maga training – fellow users will know the result of doing so – increased hand / eye coordination, increased hand speed, better head and body movement and agility – I find it to be one of the best ‘tools of our trade’.
The Beaniebasher was developed for those who do not have a shed/garage/area in their house that allows them to have a full size unit. It can be used anywhere with little to no risk of damage – either to your surroundings or self and yet still give the same great results.
You would think that a lifetime of accurate hitting will prepare you to use it effectively – this is not the case!  Control is the big word here, start off slowly and very gently – you will literally see coordination improving in front of your eyes. As this improves so the power will increase, the speed of your blow – the returning ball gets faster as you hit harder.

Start then to hit harder so the elastic is pretty stretched – as it returns move your body out of the way, turning quickly and resuming punching as it flies back to you in the opposite direction. Or clap between punches, slap your knee between punches, touch your heel between punches. Now left and right brain, hands, eyes, feet and legs -  ALL have to work in conjunction with each other.
Strength/power is not required – remember, it is a foam target on thin elastic – get too excited [ or angry] and you are likely to destroy it.
And once you’ve mastered the beanie ‘basher’, you can begin the whole process again with the ‘pro’ unit – master this and move to the ‘extreme’  - master that and your accuracy will be the stuff of legend !
And – like most things we learn – it’s made all the more enjoyable because it’s fun to do.

Check out the video on the site to see the basics
As you can see I am trying to keep the whole thing light-hearted – serious but fun.
I hope you enjoy.
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