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In this week's Combat Corner:

Articles & News:

  • UK Consultation on Offensive Weapons
  • Styles: Are They Killing Karate?
  • Conor McGregor's next move will determine if his MMA return lasts
  • Dacayana Eskrima – "The basics and a bit more" - Open Workshop with Tamas Herold
  • John Johnston and Iain Abernethy Seminar
  • John Titchen Seminars 2018
  • The Complete Book of Taekwondo Forms, Keith D. Yates
  • "Tanguy Le Vourc'h is coming to Glasgow on 21st of October
  • And More!


  • The 3 Most Common Knee Mount Mistakes
  • Rory Miller on Violence, Self Defense and Social Conditioning
  • Five way to throw a leg kick
  • Knees and Elbow Combination
  • Jion Bunkai
  • Pinan/Heian Yondan- final Sequence

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