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In this week’s Combat Corner!

  • Making Martial Arts both “Life-Preserving” and “Life-Enhancing”
  • Martial Arts v. Karate: What are you more passionate about?
  • 12 Factors That Affect Your Ability to Act Swiftly
  • What's so special about Karate?
  • Power and the similarities with combat
  • Which Variations of Guard Work Best Together?
  • Peter Consterdine Pad Drills
  • And more!
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Other News:

Temple Free Style Karate & Self Defence was founded in May 2104 as a not for profit group after Steve (Club Founder) was approached by a volunteer at Victim Support, Ipswich Suffolk in order to provide some self-defence sessions to a young victim of crime.  The volunteer knew Steve and suggested that some awareness training along with defensive techniques might help improve her confidence and allow her to be able to lead a normal life again.  After some sessions, the young lady found that her confidence grew and she felt able to start leaving her home again but suggested that the training she had received which had done so much to help her should be available to others. She suggested to Steve that he should start his own club. 
After a lot of work and effort to create the syllabus and register the club (among all the other tasks involved when starting fresh and independent) the club was formed with two instructors and over the next year grew to a reasonable size with around 40 students as well as gaining another instructor – Josh.
With instructor team set with Steve, Josh and Perry (all with varying martial arts backgrounds) the syllabus was ‘tweaked’ adding additional techniques, bullying awareness training for juniors, weapons defence and other elements.  This coincided with one or two groups approaching the club to provide workshops for their clients / members and subsequently has seen the team working with Suffolk Young Carers, Chantry youth club & Library, local Scout groups, Victim support, Emmaus, Genesis to name a few.
2016 saw the group join the British Combat Association where we could gain support and some words of wisdom from Peter and Dawn supporting from an admin roll – always on the end of the phone!  Our team also started to link in with another group and started to train alongside them, gaining more knowledge and more like-minded individuals who wanted to help people learn and protect themselves.
Earlier this year, the team were nominated for and won an award from our local radio station – the Town 102 Local Hereos award for Teacher of the year 2017.  To say we were surprised was an understatement but also testament to the 100s of hours of training we have provided to club members and charity groups in and around the Ipswich area.  It was a brilliant awards ceremony and sponsored by local businesses and we would like to thank Town 102 & Ipswich buses for our award and to the BCA for assisting us in the growth of our club.