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Each week we gather up articles, videos and news from BCA/WCA/BCKA members, instructors and friends for Combat Corner!

In this week’s Combat Corner:

  • What's wrong with most self-defense training
  • Rory Miller on “Meta-concepts”
  • Toudi Jutsu: Positive Living by Ally Whytock
  • Seisan/Hangetsu: bunkai, history and numerology
  • Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts : Sun LuTang
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor
  • Mountain Springs Seminar in Buxton - 3rd September 2017
  • Christian Wedewardt in the UK!
  • P.A.K.T. - Practical & Applied Karate Tournaments
  • Punching an Advancing Target
  • Andi Kidd, Bob Davis and Brian Bates Applied Karate Seminar (30th Sept 2017)

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