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This week’s Combat Corner is a BUMPER issue! Loads of news, videos, podcasts and articles!
Read, Listen and Watch here:
Contents Include:

  • Peter Consterdine & Iain Abernethy’s Combat Karate Seminar 2018
  • Clubb Chimera Podcasts
  • Tim Smith (KungFu Podcasts) Interviewed by Sensei Ando
  • Violence Dynamics in Europe!
  • Kris Wilder: 30th of June and 1st of July 2018
  • Play as a learning tool
  • How do you maximise your ability?
  • Chris Roberts & Richard Dimitri
  • Collection of Martial Arts Books
  • Kakie Drill
  • Do This BEFORE You Pull Guard!
  • Kosokun Dai Bunkai Pad Drills
  • And much more!