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This week’s Combat Corner is ready! Grab a cup of your favourite beverage, put your feet up and explore this week’s articles, videos, and news!
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  • The Problem of Practical Karate (new karate book!)
  • My Top 10 Problems with the Martial Arts Today
  • Sanchin Cable Kata by John Johnston (video)
  • Neil Adams MBE Effective Fighting Seminar - Maldon 2018
  • Why not just drill the bunkai with a partner and do away with the kata? (Iain Abernethy)
  • Jab/Cross & Footwork
  • Woman/Teen Girl Training Materials
  • Looking to refit or refurbish your club?
  • Paul Enfield in the UK!
  • How to Defend a Standing Guillotine Choke
  • A Heian Yondan Based Flow Drill
  • Heian Yondan Kata Pad Drill

Watch, listen and read here: