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This week’s Combat Corner is ready! Put your feet up and explore this week’s articles, videos, and news!
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  • Understanding the Differences Between Cover and Concealment
  • Letting Go
  • How to Do the Crucifix Submission in BJJ and No Gi Video
  • Balancing Mat Time and Conditioning as You Get Older Video
  • John Titchen and Leigh Simms Seminar
  • Protecting Others: A Forgotten Part of SELF-Defence Video
  • Kushanku / Kanku-Dai / Kosokun-Dai Pad-Drills Videos (Lee Taylor and Iain Abernethy)
  • Playing with Karate Morote-Locks
  • Rank Violence in 3D
  • Styles: Are They Killing Karate?
  • Pinan / Heian Godan Bunkai: In Context
  • Motion Martial Arts: Training For Self-Defense
  • Bunkai Bash 7
  • Karatepraxis Retreat Oktober 2019
  • Karatepraxis Seminar Switzerland
  • Charges Against Conor McGregor Dropped
  • And More!

Watch, listen and read here: