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This week’s Combat Corner is ready! Put your feet up and explore this week’s articles, videos, and news!

Watch, listen and read here:

  • Randy King talks with Wim Demeere (podcast)
  • James Gallagher: MMA fighter speaks about mental health struggles
  • Pad Drill: Smash, Crash & Clinch
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) - Criminal Victimization
  • Py Hyung E Dan Applications
  • Self Defence Short Course - Learn Effective Self Protection, Knife Defence, Mindset
  • Grading success for student on scholarship
  • John Johnston Pad Drill (video)
  • "It's the Martial Artist's Fault - Not the Martial Arts" (video)
  • The Armbar From the Back and How to Stop It (video)
  • More on the TRUE role of Hiki-Te (video)
  • Kururunfa Bunkai: Shoulder-Lock Takedown (video)
  • Close-Range Pad Drill by Iain Abernethy (video)
  • Brian Bates Pad Drill (video)
  • And more!

Watch, listen and read here:

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