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This week’s Combat Corner is ready! Put your feet up and explore this week’s articles, videos, and news!

Watch, listen and read here:

  • Three Traditional Things I Do NOT Do and Why
  • Head Strikes, Knockouts and Brains
  • The Best Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu (video)
  • The Way of the Elephant - Jamie Clubb's Podcast
  • Self-Defence and The Law Workshop
  • Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan Partner and Pad Drill (Iain Abernethy)
  • Don’t let your past restrain you
  • How did we lose the bunkai?
  • Tekki / naihanchi shodan partner to pad drill (Brian Bates)
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor
  • Bassai Sho Bunkai (Andi Kidd Video)
  • Urban Combatives Pad Video
  • You Have To Keep Losing Up Towards Success (video)
  • The Fastest Guard Pass for Gi and No Gi Grappling (video)

Watch, listen and read here:

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