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COMBAT CORNER: 5th of March 2020

Shuhari: Imitate, Innovate, Invent!
Leg Drag Guard Pass to Leglock Combination
Ninja Nurse! The Essential Guide to Injury Management in Martial Arts
Attending Seminars: The 10 Minute Dojo
Don’t let your past restrain you
Top Quality Karate coming to Birmingham in May 2020!
Martial Arts for Mind (help wanted)
Jamie Clubb Vagabond Warriors Workshop! 15th of March 2020 in Oxford!
Entrepreneurs with anxiety?
Front Kick Defense With Takedown
Where Difference doesn’t Mean Deficit
UFC 248 Predictions
10 Anmerkungen die eine Kampfkunst dir auch über das Leben hätte beibringen müssen / können!
Chuck Liddell says he’s ‘officially retired’ from MMA
Pinan Yodan - throws in opening sequence