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Hi All,
I hope you’re all keeping safe and active? Just a few quick things for this week’s atypical Combat Corner!
SPECIAL PODCAST: Peter and I thought it could be valuable to do a special podcast for BCA / WCA / BCKA members about the current situation; specifically around home training, online teaching, business considerations, etc. The plan is to record it sometime over the next week or so and then email details of how you can listen to it. Please email questions / topics to and we will include as many as we can.
ONLINE TEACHING: We are hearing quite a few success stories around this! People who have never done it before are reporting high student involvement and retention. One instructor told me this week they were getting over 80 students per session in some cases! If you have had any good ideas or things you’ve found particularly useful, please email details to and we can share them with the group! Remember there is this basic online primer for those entirely new to it and unsure were to start:
SOMETHING DIFFERENT: I’m hosting a Lockdown Karate Virtual Pub Quiz this Saturday! Everyone is welcome!
You can watch a video explaining it all here:
I’ve also uploaded the same video to YouTube: 
It will take place on my Facebook page this coming Saturday (11th) at 7PM UK / 8PM CET / 2PM US Eastern / 11AM US Pacific!
If you’d like to take part, there are a few things you need to do:
1) Contact your dojo mates and set up a team or teams. It’s up you how large or small the teams are, but 5 or fewer would seem to be optimal when it comes to having the most fun / interaction. 
2) Pick a name for the team.
3) Decide who will be the official keeper of the team’s official answers.
4) Decide how you will communicate with each other? Skype? WhatsApp group? Zoom? You will probably need more than one device. One to watch me on Facebook Live and to interact with the global community; and a second one to interact with your teammates.
5) All players then need to visit my Facebook page at the above time:
That’s it!
There will be 50 questions all connected to karate and the martial arts (including movies, popular culture, history, famous practitioners, etc). I’ll give plenty of time between questions for discussion and general banter :-)
After each 10 questions, I’ll give the answers so your official score keeper can see how your team is doing. In the event of an overall tie, it will be a sudden death quickest to answer question via the comments of the live feed.
PRIZE: The winning team will be “Karate Lockdown Virtual Pub Quiz Champions” and I’ll issue certificates to that effect to all team members :-)
Divide the dojo into teams and see who wins from within your group! Instructors vs students? Lots of options!
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
All the best,