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 Hi Everyone,
Welcome to this week’s Combat Corner! Instructors across the Combat Group have been busy producing online resources to help, educate and entertain! Please check out all the webinars, videos and articles linked below!
Stay active. Stay safe. Stay in touch!
Speak soon!
All the best,
If this whole situation if getting you down, Iain has some thoughts:
Solo Sparring 2020 (fun challenge):
World Class Sport – Karate Coaching Webinar – Today! 7pm!
Is it Karate? by John Titchen:
Jamie Clubb Webinar – Pre-Fight Soft Skills – 10th of May
A “Solo Focus Mitt Drill with Elements of Tekki/Naihanchi” from Brian Bates!
Wankan Kata Breakdown with Andy Allen:
Sandbag Home Training:
Iain’s new guided solo workout:
Kihon is a tool; NOT a goal by Andy Allen:
Virtual Pad Work Sessions – Great for Kids – James at Evolution Martial Arts Academy
Paul Higgins VIPA Tactical Training! 45-minute Lockdown live video self-protection training session
Dogs on the Runway by Roger Thyer-Jones (All proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust):
On-Line Lessons from James Cockill (Evolution Martial Arts Academy)