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Hi Everyone,
Welcome to this week’s Combat Corner! Instructors across the Combat Group have been continuing to make resources to help, educate and entertain! Please find all the details below. 

Speak soon!
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5-Step-Plan for a Comeback of Training under Corona limitations By Carsten Schmitt:
Guidelines for Opening Up Jiu-Jitsu Academies, with Dr Chris Moriarty
Iain Abernethy: Community Sharing and Live Lessons!
Lee Taylor & Mal Jones on COVID19, mental health, and mutual interest in cross training:
Tandoku (Solo Pad Kata) & Unsu Sparring Drills:
Karate Guy Strikes Back! Surgery Recovery Journey Day 1
Buddhist Millionaire: Matt Jardine chats with Kris Wilder:
Training Ronin Style by David Hogsette:
Les Bubka demonstrates teaching kata via story telling:
The three key requirements of a good kata:
John Titchen Videos:
A progressive approach to solo training the Gedan Barai (Low Sweep):