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Welcome this this week’s Combat Corner! As usual all the content can be found below, but we have one special announcement:
IMPORTANT: In the very near future Peter and I will be holding a zoom meeting for all instructors to touch base and chat about the current pandemic and what we can all do to support one another. Meeting numbers and passwords will be shared via email, so please keep your eyes peeled.
Speak soon!
All the best,
Iain’s Weekly Video Message:
Guidelines for Opening Up Jiu-Jitsu Academies During Covid-19:
Karate Coaching Webinar (Tomorrow!):  
Soft Skills Webinar - Crisis Point & Beyond:
Gekisaidai Ichi Flow Drill:
15 min Karate HIIT workout:
Taeguek Applications:
Advisors Not Rulers: Martial Arts and Life:
Three Ways to Solo Train Throws:
The BJJ Hip Shovel Movement Explained (Plus Solo Heavy Bag Drill):
Heian-Kata Bunkai Phenomenon by Christian Wedewardt (English Version Now Available!):
5-Step-Plan for a Comeback of Karate Training under Corona limitations:
Matt Jardine and Kris Wilder discuss Matt’s new book, “How to be a Buddhist Millionaire”: