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Below you can find links to the latest videos, articles, podcasts and news from instructors and members of The Combat Group (BCA, BCKA, WCA)! Be sure to check out the latest Peter Consterdine interview (no.1 item)!
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The Latest Peter Consterdine Interview:
Jamie Clubb's Hard Skills Webinar (29th of November):
Randy Brown (Mantis Kung-Fu / BJJ) chats with Iain Abernethy (2.5 hours):
Innovative solo-training from Christian Wedewardt:
Better Breaking According to Science:
How to Take the Back from de la Riva Guard:
The 3 Tribes of Martial Arts by Jamie Clubb:
Iain Abernethy Functional Kihon Overview:
Restricted striking drills on the heavy bag by Brian Bates:
Having a Hard Time? (Some thoughts from Iain):
Lee Taylor Online Training Discount:
Brian Bates with some Naihanchi / Tekki based bag work:
Daniel Marino demonstrating Naihanchi (Tekki) solo form, applications, pad work, drills, and free sparring:
Anderson Silva, 45, refuses to retire: Anderson Silva, 45, refuses to retire:
Peter Consterdine English Lockdown Announcement:
Peter Consterdine Combat Coach Program:
Clubb Chimera Martial Arts Podcast: "Crushing the Candy Man" (Halloween Episode):