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Below you can find links to the latest videos, articles, podcasts and news from instructors and members of The Combat Group (BCA, BCKA, WCA)!
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There does seem to be a little bit if confusion around what constitutes “sport” and what is allowed in the various tiers. Here is the English Government’s specific guidance for “Contact Combat Sports” … which is clear that: 1) “non-contact, socially distanced activities” are permitted in ALL tiers (Phase 0); 2) Equipment training is only permitted in Tier 1 areas (Phase 1); 3) Contract training is not permitted anywhere:
Latest Covid Update (England):
John Titchen’s new book: Karate Beyond Kata:
End of Year Tale: There is No Land Rover:
Dragon and Tiger: Martial Arts Stories for Children:
How to Crush Your 2021 Goals:
Malcolm Jones showcasing a number of karate throws and takedowns:
THE MARTIAL MAP: (10-year anniversary YouTube version)!
Robert Teske on the throws and takedowns of Wing Chun:
Where is the Catch? The Forgotten Throw of Gichin Funakoshi:
False Covid dichotomies and false choices in the jiu-jitsu community (Stephen Kesting):