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This week’s Combat Corner is out!

  • Knife Attack in Hamburg: Self-Defence Aspects and Conclusion
  • Interview with Doug Perry
  • Lee Taylor Karate Seminar
  • Christian Wedewardt in the UK!
  • Ancient Masters and Modern Karate
  • Martial Arts And Life Podcast: 083 Biggest Mistakes - Stickman Publications, Martial Arts Podcast
  • Tegumi from Naihanchi tie ups, control position.
  • Kris Wilder and Iain (30th of June and 1st of July 2018)
  • Modern CQC (Close Quarter Combatives) Level 1 Instructors Course
  • Real Combat System – Level 1 Instructors Course
  • Hand Eye Coordination & Reflex Drills
  • Heian Shodan 1 to 6 flow drill
  • And more!
Read, Watch and Listen here: