Covid Latest

Covid Latest
From May 17 we move into the closing phase of training restrictions which will take us to June 21, from which date we’re pretty much back to normal but should still maintain common sense precautions and hygiene protocols, but no restriction on numbers and all contact training can resume.
So, from May 17 up to the June date we can now have adults back training indoors and, supposedly, maintaining social distancing but as best we understand it no restriction on class sizes apart from that we would have for normal safe practice reasons. Guidance on this differs with some organisations maintaining the 15 maximum rule and others just recommending social distancing, so I’ll leave to you to apply common sense with regard to the facilities you have available. 
Pad work is permitted, but no contact training until after the June date. For juniors there are no restrictions on class sizes and everyone can train in bare feet.
We are told that adult spectators are allowed but must remain seated and wear a mask at all times and try and keep the numbers down of people who may be gathering before or after a class. I appreciate that for the grappling oriented clubs we are little further forward, but you may be able to do some work with adults now in an obviously restricted way.
We’re nearly there and from the 17th of this month we have less than a month before things are back to pretty much normal, so dig in for this last lap.
Next week I’ll be bringing everyone up to date with the launch of the Combat Group App which will provide some really good services and it will obviously free to download. 
If anyone has any specific queries as to the latest guidelines please get in touch.

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