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This week’s WCSKC Webinar features as usual…..
   Victor Charles M.B.E
   Mervyn Etienne MSc
   Paul Simmons MSc
…with special guest 

Patrica Duggin 4th Dan Karate

Patricia Duggin can be considered a pioneer of women’s competitive Karate in Britain. From 1988 to 2002 she was part of the British team that won around fifty-three medals at European and World championships. 
She was the winner of the World Championship Gold medal in Sun City USA 1996 as well as accumulating numerous European and World Games medals
Patricia's fondest memory when she went to Paris for the European Wado Ryu championships, which she won. Her belief is that through the practise of karate anyone can gain self confidence, achieved through overcoming difficult challenges.
What to expect on the night

  • Mental and physical preparation for World Team and Individual Gold Medals
  • Motivation and competing within a Multi medal winning squad
  • Live Q&A

 The webinar is suitable for athletes, students, coaches and Instructors that would like to enhance and educate their students/athletes.
Don’t miss out on this Webinar.
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