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Review for the Pinan Flow System
"Karate is undergoing a revolution. Not a revolution that uproots the past, but instead one that returns to the past to water the roots of our tradition so that, after decades of stasis, it may grow and flourish. There is no doubt in my mind that John Titchen is one of the leading lights of this modern revolution (re-evolution?). John is someone who I always enjoy discussing karate and self-protection with. Every time we talk in person or online I find myself reassured by our commonalities and excited by our divergences. John is also someone who, to me, embodies the warrior spirit. Easy-going and thoughtful in nature, but who has a determination and love of what he does that is as infectious as it is inspirational.
I’m so happy John is sharing what he does in these books. In doing this he is providing a great service to the art of karate. Having done his part, it’s now up to you to read, digest, question, understand and apply the lessons within. Your karate, and indeed karate as a whole, will benefit from you doing so.”
Iain Abernethy
Review for Karate & Self Defence
"To say this book is a collection of selected articles written by John over a number of years is to do it an injustice. There are supposed, empirical works on Karate and self defence that are simply not in the same league as this work and most certainly not as thought provoking; this is no small offering either."
"This is a book after my own heart and I thoroughly commend it to anyone who questions what their current karate training is geared towards, but also to those who don’t need convincing about the efficacy of their karate in dealing with real life violence but need a plan to affect change. This book will answer both question and need."
Peter Consterdine
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