Karate & Self Defence: Volume One - Thoughts on Training (previously published as Karate & Self Defence: Selected Articles) 
“There are supposed, empirical works on Karate and self-defence that are simply not in the same league as this work and most certainly not asthought-provoking. 
Peter Consterdine

Karate & Self Defence: Volume Two - The Reality of Karate & Close Quarter Combat
This book brings together 28 carefully selected articles on the subjects of karate training and self defence. It is not a guide to techniques, rather an analysis of how to focus training appropriately to meet the requirements of good self protection training. It is not a book specifically for instructors or students, but is instead designed to make the reader think about what they are training, how they are training it, and what they want to achieve from their training.

"These articles are both thought provoking and insightful and again remind us that a simplistic approach to this subject in not fully understanding the breadth and depth of the supporting knowledge we need will simply leave us with what I term 'martial arts in jeans'.” 
Peter Consterdine

“John is one of the few people that is able to clearly, concisely, and (more importantly) cogently argue and illustrate points about self defence training, and specifically how Karate and traditional methods relate to that. It is significant that we find so much of what he has been saying for years is now very much “in vogue”.
Jay Cooper

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