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John Titchen’s new book: Karate Beyond Kata - melting ice into water. Available as a paperback and a colour ebook goes on sale on Amazon globally on 1 September 2020.
Why train in kata? What benefits can it bring? How can we turn something so static into a dynamic part of our regular training? What role should solo training play in a repertoire?

“John has done a brilliant job of methodically and logically explaining his approach to bunkai! Conclusions and workings are clearly articulated in a work that is sure to be hugely popular and influential.”
Iain Abernethy

"An excellent synthesis of the last 30 years of practical karate research.”
Bill Burgar

"Karate has become a generic label, so I think it is important that contemporary practitioners are contextually conscious toward their individual training goals, to ensure they are travelling along the right path. John has created this excellent, thoroughly researched, educational and thought-provoking book that serves to represent an in-depth study of karate for civilian self-protection. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to explore karate under the surface.”
Chris Denwood

"John intelligently explores and dives deep into vital and at times controversial topics which are essential to karate's effectiveness and growth as a martial arts system. A must read for those who like to progress their understanding and breadth of karate knowledge.”
Leigh Simms