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“In karate, hitting, thrusting, and kicking are not the only methods, throwing techniques and joint-locks are included” – Gichin Funakoshi




This video series looks at the “forgotten” throws that were once commonly practised within karate. The throws of karate can be found throughout the traditional kata and are well documented in the writings of the past masters. This video series will help practical karateka reintroduce this now neglected practise back into karate so it can once again be the holistic art it was originally created to be.


In addition to showing how to perform the throws, this video also shows where the throws can be found in the traditional kata and the writings of the past masters (complete with photos where possible). Additionally, this video also examines the underlying throwing principles encapsulated by the kata examples and shows additional ways in which they can be applied.


Volume 1 is on “Lifting Throws”.

Volume 2 is on “Leg-Blocking Throws”.

Volume 3 is on “Postural Disruption”.


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“There are also throwing techniques in karate … Throwing techniques were practised in my day, and I recommend that you reconsider them.” – Shigeru Egami.


“The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that throws & locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding … Those who are thinking of the future of karate should have an open mind and strive to study the complete art” – Kenwa Mabuni 


"One must not lose sight of the fact that karate is "all-in" fighting. Everything is allowed … This is why karate is based on blows delivered with the hand, the foot, the head or the knee. Equally permissible are strangulations, throwing techniques and locks.” - H.D. Plee (one of Europe's first black belts).




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