Kudo Interview

Kudo Interview
I just want to inform people about a recent YouTube interview with one of our BCKA Instructors, Mal Jones, of Goshin and Kudo Academy (goshinandkudoacademy@gmail.cm).
Mal is heading up Kudo in the UK, not as some empire building exercise but simply because of his belief in the Kudo system and his commitment to get it embedded within UK martial arts. He’s a passionate advocate of the many merits the system has within it. 
The interview was with Emmett Doyle – a good friend of the Combat Group – whose YouTube channel is Sensei Emmett and his interview with Mal is well worth watching and gives a good overview of the KUDO competition system. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Kudo and have posted here many times in the past, extolling the virtues of what I believe is the best martial arts competition format. Whatever your background in the arts you can make it work within the Kudo framework.
The Combat Group Associations have had a number of Kudo clubs and Instructors in membership over the years and I’m really keen to see it properly take off in the UK.
It’s a really good interview and anyone interested in find out more about Kudo then get in touch with Mal at the email address above.
The YouTube link is https://youtu.be/pr44riwGVZk
Peter Consterdine   

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