LED Sabre Instructors Needed

Battle Blades has been running for a few years now and with the green light of coming out of lockdown we are looking to expand.
Battle Blades is a sword based martial art with the added bonus of using LED Sabres (lightsabres – we have to use LED Sabres as Disney own the copyright on the word Lightsabre) as a vehicle for training and competing in a fun and safe environment.

The syllabus encompasses historical European and Eastern sword arts and the weapon allows for a Jeet Kune Do style approach to sword combat. The syllabus is broken into 3 main areas, Tournament, Display and Combat. We have over the past few years competed in both national and international Tournaments.
The sci-fi reference has encouraged students who would not ordinarily train in a martial art to join.
We are looking for experienced martial artists (not necessarily sword based) to join our instructing team, a good time to expand your teaching repertoire into an new and diverse art.
If there is enough interest we will run a free instructor training session.
Please feel free to contact me on 07817 392320 or info@battleblades.co.uk
Check out the website www.battleblades.co.uk


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