Managing Violence Podcast with Joe Saunders

This Bank Holiday Monday we welcome back Joe Saunders of Managing Violence Podcast. In the last webinar with Joe, we talked at length about some of the strategies that can be used to talk down or de-escalate potential social violence – that being a disagreement or conflict that gets out of hand and turns physical. But how do we prevent predatory attacks where there is no escalation, no emotion, and no build up?

In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into how predators select their targets and what we can do to be a less attractive victim. You’ll learn about the different types of predators, what makes certain types more dangerous than others, and what strategies you can use both verbally and physically to deal with a predatory attack. This webinar is packed full of information suitable to both women and men of all ages, and there will be a Q&A time at the end to ask specific questions about the material.

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Tickets are £14 and can be paid by Paypal or by bank transfer – instructions will follow when you book in.

See you there!

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