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Good morning everyone. 

As I sit at home recovering from Covid, (Being an emergency worker unfortunately means I was exposed through work) I thought I would pen an update about the clubs and where we stand at the moment.

Firstly I have no doubt, like me, everyone was looking forward to coming out of lockdown on the 2nd December. Rest assured all the instructors were gearing up to get training again as soon as we were allowed.

Unfortunately with the tiered system coming back into play, it would appear our excitement was both misplaced and premature. 

West Yorkshire looks like will be in tier 3 from the 2nd December. Although not a full lock down, as far as training is concerned it might as well be. The rules in tier 3 state that although gyms may open there is no group classes allowed. Also organised indoor sport is not allowed. 

So it is with sadness that we are still not allowed to get back to training even with the safety measures we had prior to lockdown. 

The government states it will review the tier system every 2 weeks so that will run us right up to Christmas. So it is likely we won't be able to open prior to the break. Not what anyone wanted. 

We hope everyone is keeping well and at least practicing a few katas to keep on top of your training. 

You all have my contact details if you want to discuss your training or would like some hints and tips to keep things fresh. 

Take care and kindest regards to everyone.