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If you would like to learn and teach a modern, highly effective, reality based self defence system you may be interested in:
Modern CQC (Close Quarter Combatives)
Level 1 Instructors Course
Course Content Includes:
·         Key techniques and principles
·         7 Core Immediate Action (I.A.) drills
·         Secondary response option skills and drills
·         Failure drills
·         MCQC teaching model
·         Development and pressure training drills
·         MCQC Instructors Manual
Course Dates:
The courses are run over two consecutive weekends:
L1 Instructors Course 2/17: 28/29 Oct - 4/5 November 2017
L1 Instructors Course 1/18: 1718 – 24/25 March 2018 
Training Delivery:
Training will be provided by Paul Brennan see profile:
Training will take place at:
The British Military Martial Arts Academy, Telford. TF7 4JR
 Level 1 Instructors Course - £250*
* 20% Discount for serving Members, HM Forces and Police personnel
For more information please contact: or visit the website