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It's only when you learn to fight that you fully understand the kata.
This Online DVD Instructional shows a number of self-defence techniques from Urban Krav Maga and how their roots can be found in karate kata, particularly those of Goju Ryu.
The course is delivered by Stewart McGill, Urban Krav Maga Chief Instructor and former 3rd Dan in Goju Ryu; and Jim McEvoy, veteran Martial Artist and 5th Dan in Goju Ryu.
How to buy: 
Available online via access to a closed Facebook Group.
This format is superior to DVD in that
(i) you can watch it on your mobile when you’re on the go, or on your computer without all that taking out of the pack, waiting for it to load etc. etc.
(ii) you’ll be able to ask us questions about the instructional clips and related issues in the discussion section below each movie.
(iii) there’s over an hour of high definition video instructional: that’s a lot to download directly to your computer or smart phone so this way you can enjoy the benefits without pressuring your device’s memory.
It’s just £12.99 to get access, click on the link below the photograph and follow the Paypal instructions. On receipt of payment, we will message you, get your Facebook details and give you immediate access to the Online DVD, it’s that simple.

 Kata and Reality Self Defence: Online DVD Instructional
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