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Martial Movie Massacre Part II: Magic, Woo & Mary Sue-Jutsu

The second part of these special extra podcasts features Ron Goin with two guest commentaries on tropes/cliches that affect both martial arts subculture and martial arts movies. Ron provides insight into the corrosive effect of belief in mysticism had undermined martial arts. He then focuses on the hackneyed device of the lone man martial art bar brawl.
Regular podcast host, Jamie Clubb, explores discusses how magic is a legitimate part of martial arts history and tradition, but has no place in pragmatic practice. He also looks at the way indestructible martial arts fighting styles both sell martial arts short and have now become an increasingly tired element of martial arts fiction. Tracing much of this to the legacy of the iconic Bruce Lee, he puts it that Enter the Dragon is both the Little Dragon's best and worst martial arts movie.
Download or stream the full episode here:

You can also download previous episodes, including the first part of this particular podcast, featuring Iain Abernethy and various other great martial arts guests offering their opinion on action movie tropes and cliches.