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The 3 Tekki (Naihanchi/Chul-Gi) katas were often the first kata's learnt on Okinawa, and considered by many to be all you needed to know to effectively defend yourself.

To quote Iain Abernethy:
"However, if you require effective close range fighting skills and you wish to follow in the footsteps of some of karate's greatest masters then Naihanchi and its applications should be practiced relentlessly and studied deeply".

So much bunkai (analysis/application) that has been taught to us in the West only works when choreographed with a semi-compliant training partner. This seminar focuses on practical, street effective bunkai for this pivotal and important kata.

(There will be some adult content, so children can come, but at parental discretion)!

Open to:          All styles, any grade.  Knowing the kata will be an advantage, but not necessary.
Venue:             Bristol South Aikido Dojo, Fortfield Road, Bristol, BS14 9NX
Date/time:        Sunday, 26 May 2019 from 13:00-16:00.

Cost:                £20 per person (or £10 each for groups of 5 or more).

For more info contact Charlie Wildish at either:-
            *           07940 852496