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Peter Consterdine & Iain Abernethy’s Combat Karate Seminar 2018
For everyone who attended Iain and mine’s last seminar and for those people who missed out, I’m very pleased to announce that Iain and I we will be holding another joint seminar this year on:
Date: Sunday 15th July
Venue: British Combat Academy - Ossett, West Yorkshire
Amongst a host of key topics we will be covering the dynamics of impact development both with strikes and kicks, but also explosive speed, combination transitions and strategies and tactics for both the competition arena, high-level martial arts and close quarter combat (CQC).
The key principles of dynamic bio-mechanics and development of truly ‘one shot’ techniques within the combat karate we teach is relevant and can be applied across the range of personal combat situations.
One specific area I’ll be covering will be takedowns from kicks and, as well as these takedowns from kicking defence, and Pre-1940‘s Karate throws and takedowns (now largely forgotten), we’ll be covering ‘limb-control drills as found in traditional Kata. This year Iain will cover the close-range methods found in the Bubishi and the two-person drills of the legendary Karate fighter Choki Motobu.
As many of you know the dynamics of the combat system we teach is relevant to, and can be applied to, any Karate style, competition, or combative martial art - whatever the emphasis.
This unique seminar has something for everyone irrespective of Karate style or application emphasis, but whilst the seminar is fundamentally based upon Karate and is a Gi event, all experienced people with a kicking and striking background are welcome. So this seminar will appeal to the traditionalist as well as the more practical oriented Karateka, Kickboxers and ‘modern combatives’ instructors.
Member of the Combat Group (BCA/BCKA/WCA)    -    £65
Non-member of a Combat Group Association          -    £75
Note: For every 5 members enrolled from a club the Instructor goes free.
The course commences at 1000 (doors open at 0900) and runs to 1530 - so a long, action-packed day!
More detail will be contained within the Joining Instructions sent out on registration.
We have a limit on places and therefore will require payment in full when you book to ensure a place. Email or telephone to register.
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