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School of Ungentlemanly Fighting

This seminar is for those who want to learn and practice realistic fighting tactics and scenarios. It is not about nice drills or forms, it is about ending a fight quickly, ruthlessly and making sure any threat is totally extinguished.

The School of Ungentlemanly Fighting builds on many years of extensive research, training and participation in real life violence. This is not for the faint hearted.
This is the rough and tumble part of our curriculum offer, here is a place where people can build on their existing experience against committed opponents. Whilst it is not for the faint hearted safety is paramount in this class and rules are set and strictly enforced.

Violence and the Law
This seminar is led by Karen Moxon Smith who has over 25 years experience as a criminal defence lawyer . This is an inside view of how the criminal justice system works, warts and all.

If you train in the martial arts, especially if you instruct, this 2 hour class is a must for you. If you, or your students, find themselves in a use of force situation then it can escalate out of control very quickly. Far too many people end up in the criminal justice system with zero knowledge of how things work.

Worse still they often believe things that are completely untrue and can very quickly be sucked into the machinery of the law. This course provides participants with an introduction to the criminal justice system and how it actually works.