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Mordred's Victory and Other Martial Mutterings (The Collected Martial Arts Articles of Jamie Clubb 2004-2014).
“Mordred’s Victory and Other Martial Mutterings”, available in paperback for the first time, was written over the period Jamie Clubb developed Clubb Chimera Martial Arts’ self-protection and martial arts cross training programmes. Completely revised and edited with a new preface written especially for this edition, these reflective articles cover various topics in martial arts subculture as well as opinions on teaching and training.
In his foreword to this book, BAFTA winning and best-selling writer Geoff Thompson says, “The writer is erudite and extremely well read and practised, the writing is literary and compelling and the prose is articulate and challenging for all the right reasons”.
“Jamie Clubb is a polymathic writer with enthusiasm, insight and great talent - read his book!”- Robert Twigger, “Angry White Pyjamas”
"‘Mordred’s Victory’ has a wider brief than just dealing with practical issues and covers a host of key issues, especially the teaching of children – an area I know Jamie is passionate about. I recommend this book to anyone with a real interest in martial arts and self protection, training, or teaching.” - Peter Consterdine, author of "Streetwise", 10th dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association and World Combat Association
“One of the most insightful martial artists it’s ever been my pleasure to meet. His direct and practical approach cuts right to the heart of functional self-protection”. - Iain Abernethy, “Mental Strength”
“Jamie Clubb: The intellectual dimension in reality training, putting the brains behind the brawn”. - Mo Teague, founder of World Combat Arts
This collection is the result of years of intensive training with some of the UK’s most renowned and revolutionary martial arts instructors, shaped by the critical eye of a vagabond writer.
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Also available, "Wrong Fu" paperbacks whilst stocks last!

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