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Summer Special Offer! 40% Discount on Printed Kata Bunkai Books & Heian Focus Mitts DVD!
BCKA Instructor Lee Taylor's books 'Heian/Pinan Kata & Bunkai The Fundamental' and 'Ananko Kata Form & Function' are on offer for a limited period! A huge 40% discount is available on the print editions which ends on August 31st.
These titles at this discount are only available to purchase here:
Here are some reviews of Lee's books:
'Lee's book helps show that Karate can be a very real solution to the problem of civilian self defence. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.'

'A good addition to my bunkai library on these kata. I don't think it matters which style or version you practise, the information presented is still really useful to furthering your knowledge and practise of these kata. Illustrated by good photos which makes the information clear, the structure of the book is easy to follow.'

'Lee understands the way kata works and in this book he reveals how Ananko contains knowledge of great value to the modern day martial artist. Personally I don't think it matters if one practises the kata or not in order to benefit from reading this book. Those who practise the kata will be inspired and delighted at the information it contains. Those that don't practise Ananko will find seeing Lee's approach in action an inspiration that is sure to help them explore their own kata.'

Heian/Pinan Focus Mitt Drills DVD
This new DVD by Lee is also available at the same discount, this can only be purchased by messaging Lee direct at:<>
DVD reviews:
'I've been asking Lee to make this DVD for a while because I know just how popular these innovative drills will be with students and instructors alike. The drills are explained in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner. They are great "plug and play" drills that are easy to adopt and will add value to your practise and teaching. Highly recommended'

'Having witnessed these drills first hand, I have to say that they are excellent drills and really will give you something else to play with when you thought the Heian/Pinan kata had been done to death. Great drills highly recommended.'