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Iain Abernethy & Lee Taylor Seminar Wales
After having to cancel the seminar in 2016 due to my little accident, it is great to have Iain back in Presteigne again for another awesome session on practical applications of kata.

The seminar will be covering a variety of flow drills from Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan along with their associated pad drills (all styles). Lee will also be teaching his pad drills for the Heian/Pinan Kata. Prior knowledge of the katas is not necessary.

Seminar Details:
Sunday 23rd April 11-3pm
East Radnor Leisure Centre, Presteigne, Powys. LD8 2YT
£30 per person

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Bank cards can be used on the day if required along with cash but reserve a place in the first instance.
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