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1.Reminder regarding the use of Olympic logos on websites, social media, websites, flyers etc.
Information from the WKF that was sent out in December 2016 to members
"With the fantastic news that Karate is to be included in the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, it is inevitable, and completely understandable, that we want to identify with the Olympic brand.
Unfortunately, all Olympic logos, including the 5 RINGS, phrases, and references such as Olympic Karate, Team GB, are all copyright protected and, as such, are the property of the Olympic organisations, the use of which is not permitted unless authorised."
The closing date for the British 4 Nations  is on the 12 May via Sport data.
3.EKF Kumite/Kata
All EKF training/selection sessions are now via the new online forms which then take you through to the payment section. The choice is paypal/debit/credit card. Forms will not be received by the EKF until payment is made. This is the only way to now register and pay for sessions. You will receive a receipt of your payment and a copy of what you have submitted.
For athletes under 18 years only the legal guardian or parent is to complete the online form and give permission to attend. Please note if a person does not attend a EKF Kumite or Kata session there will be no Refund/Credit note.  A credit note will only be issued if the EKF cancel the session.
Only athletes with a valid EKF licence can register. If an athlete is selecting they must be in possession of a full British Passport and reside in England. If you have represented another country or represented one of the home nations then WKF rules apply.
National Kumite
‘A’ squad athletes invited to the next squad session
National Kata
Sunday 14th May 2017
Youth Kata 10-13yrs 5kyu+ 10-13 Selection for international competition
Saturday 20th May 2017
14-U21 years Kata Training First Selection for Worlds Tenerife & Final selection for ‘A’ squad
Sunday 21st May 2017
Senior Kata 18 years+ Senior Kata Open Squad Training
Regional Sessions
Saturday 13th May 2017
EKF SE & SW Region Open Squad Training
Saturday 20th May 2017
Northern Region Kumite Squad Training
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Referee courses
Members events
4.Policies and documents
A code for parents/legal guardians has been added.