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"When Parents Arent Around: A Young Person’s Guide to Real Self-Protection" by Jamie Clubb

When Parents Aren’t Around” offers up-to-date and well researched information that is easy to read for 8-13 year old children and their parents. The aim of the book is to teach children basic behavioural skills for self-protection, designed with a proactive approach that switches them onto survival without making them paranoid. It is written so that information can be learnt and retained with a special introduction and a chapter for parents to help in their child’s self-protection education. This book focuses on the soft and hard skills needed to be in place in order for a child to have a better chance to avoid or escape safely from a physical confrontation.


“At long last a real-world self-protection book for children! This is a million miles away from the collections of impractical “martial arts tricks” that normally masquerade as children’s self-protection. Both parents and children need information that avoids the false confidence of the quick fix, but instead promotes the life skills to correctly perceive and handle threats. This book encourages understanding and using natural instincts, critical thinking, empirical learning, developing communication skills, and understanding self and others. A fantastic book that will genuinely contribute towards a child’s safety and self-confidence.” – Iain Abernethy 7th dan karate
“When Parents Aren't Around' A young person's guide to real self-defence provides comprehensive insights into the world of self-defence, and debunks many myths and misconceptions. It is an excellent resource, which parents and children can use together to learn a range of practical techniques and life skills, which will enhance their confidence and self-esteem. The message that integrating a genuine self-defence framework into a person's life helps to achieve an independent and safer future is a powerful one. I recommend this book as very readable, and one which gives sound advice to parents and young people about how to deal with actual and potentially challenging situations.” – Claude Knight, Director of the Kidscape children’s anti-bullying charity.
"There is so much in this book that will genuinely empower children. What sets Jamie Clubb's approach apart is his emphasis on self-defence as an attitude of mind rather than just a series of physical moves. This book will be of real value to any child who feels bullied or is unsure how to handle other people's aggression. By teaching children how to read threatening situations accurately and cultivating their self-awareness Clubb's methods will help children keep themselves out of danger, as well as giving them the self-assurance and practical skills they need to handle it when they cannot." – Dr Stephen Briers – TV child psychologist on numerous programmes including Little Angels, Teen Angels, The 10 Demandments and author of Superpowers for Parents